Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Drawing Near to God

I'll admit, I'm still struggling with this whole "unemployment" thing. It makes me question my qualifications and unfairly compare myself to others on an almost daily basis, and that's no fun.

However, I try to remind myself that this has happened to many others before me, and will happen to many more in the future, so I do understand that I'm not alone.

I also know that God is teaching me some amazing things during this time... even if I don't always like to admit it. Being unemployed has taught me about humility, selflessness, and (most of all) patience.

One thing that has been very encouraging to me, for many years now, is Jesus Calling. I use the app on my phone and absolutely love it! If you are ever looking for a daily devotional, I definitely recommend this one.

Recently, I read the snippet below and wholeheartedly related to it:

Thank you to everyone who has continued to lift me up as I learn to be satisfied with God's will and not my own!


  1. I absolutely adore Jesus Calling! I agree, it's a great daily devotional! Praying you find comfort and peace in this transition period and for employment to come your way, soon!

  2. Going through the same thing!! I'm trying to trust in His timing - it's not my own but it's helped me find courage and peace | Jeremiah 29:11