Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Job Searching

I'll be honest with you guys... Job searching is the worst.

We have been in Austin for almost 3 months now and I have nothing to show for it in the full-time job department. Now, I realize some people search for a job for much longer than 3 months, but for me it has felt like an eternity. I guess I had unrealistic expectations... For some reason I believed that I would find something within a matter of weeks. I thought, "Oh, I'll take a few weeks to settle in to the new apartment and everything, and then I'll find a job - no problem!" But I was wrong.

I have been lucky enough to find part-time work at Ann Taylor LOFT, which just so happens to be my favorite store, but the part-time paycheck is not my favorite. Most weeks I work less than 20 hours; which not only means less money, it also mean more free time. I know what you're thinking... "More free time? I wish I had some of that!" But after 3 months of free time, I've had more than my fair share.

So I guess it's time for my usual plea: if you know anyone in the Non-Profit or Human Resources world here in Austin who wants to hire a smart, professional young woman, please let me know and I will email you my resume immediately! Not kidding ;)


  1. I'm actually a recruiter for HP. We have a location in Austin if you want to send me your resume I'd be happy to pass it along. Email address is kimberly.hall@hp.com

  2. Hi Emma! I just came across your blog while I was looking at the gallery on Marquis Clarke's design site. After taking a look at your blog, I discovered that you and I have a lot in common! I also just graduated from college, got married, and moved to Austin within the past few months. I had been looking for a job for about 3 months too and I just now found an internship earlier this week. I've been having some trouble with the excess amount of free time while job hunting also. It was weird because I went from being crazy busy with graduation/moving/wedding planning to spending pretty much all day applying for jobs online. I'm sure you'll find a job when you least expect it--that's how it was with my internship. I'll be on the lookout for non-profit or HR jobs in Austin for you! By the way, I just started blogging myself. You can check out my blog at: http://ideasofemily.wordpress.com/about-me/. Can't wait to start following your blog--it looks awesome! :)

  3. Hey saw your blog on bloglovin. What type of work are you looking for?

  4. :( Job searching is a job itself! Hope it goes well, dear. You can do it!!

    P.S. You're in Austin?! Come to SA and hang out with me! :)